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How To Make Sure You Get A Great Plumber!

Updated: Aug 22, 2020


Plumbers & HVAC specialists perform essential services. They install and maintain the supply of fresh water to our homes, ensure that the waste water is properly managed, install systems to keep the heat and cool our homes and so much more. Choosing your plumber well is imperative because the wrong plumber can invite disaster into your home. There are so many plumbers offering services to Parksville, Qualicum and Nanoose, so how do you know who to choose? How do you make sure you are choosing a plumbing company that is going to not only provide the essential services properly, but do excellent work, treat you with respect and stand by their work? Most importantly, how do you know you’re not getting scammed by an unqualified tradesperson or someone who does poor work?

Following these simple steps can help you to choose the right plumber.

Ask Around

Ask around, look for reviews and references. Anyone can claim to be excellent at what they do but what are people who have used the company before saying? Ask your friends for referrals to tell you about any good plumbers they have used and who they wish they hadn’t. If none of your friends have recently had work done that is comparable to the work that you need done, check for social media or website reviews and check to see if those reviews are current. Check the source of the reviews and if there are real names attached to the reviews.


Your plumbing company should only employ people who are either Red Seal Certified or a Registered Apprentice. A handy man or a friend of a friend who thinks they know a thing or two about plumbing might be cheaper, but are they going to warranty their work and ensure that the job is completed correctly and professionally? If things go wrong, what then? Hiring a true professional to do it right the first time is the smart choice, every time.

Insurance, Who’s Problem Is It?

If an uninsured tradesperson comes into your home and is involved in an incident causing damage property or injury, it quickly becomes your problem. Any costs or lawsuits associated with the incident would either be covered by your home insurance or come directly out of your pocket. Never hesitate to ask for proof of insurance from anyone coming to do work of any kind in your home. This includes Worker’s Compensation through Work Safe BC as well as liability insurance. You don’t have to buy the insurance, you just have to make sure they have it, so it’s well worth the inquiry.

Accurate Estimates

There are only two reasons that an estimate should vary greatly from the original estimate. Changes made by the customer to the work requested will obviously change the total cost of the project. Also, unforeseen circumstances (such as a mess of old, inauspicious plumbing uncovered once a wall is opened up) can have an impact on the total cost. If neither circumstance is present then a good, experienced plumber will be able to tell you what a job will cost with minimal variables. Keep this in mind when reading reviews and asking for refences. Find out if your prospective company has a reputation for coming in close to target or for increasing the costs as the job progresses.


When you hire anyone to come into your home they ought to be polite and treat you with respect. If you don’t get that right from your first phone call or email, you might want to move to the next person on your list. Every member of the company that you hire ought to make you feel comfortable and valued, from the person who answers the phone, to their team members that come to get the job done.


The basic rule of thumb is, a good plumber will do it right the first time or make it right immediately. If this is not the mandate of the company you are considering using, look elsewhere.

In The Long Run

It might seem like a lot of work to check all of these boxes, but it’s a lot less work than missing one and ending up with a “crappy” plumber. At Epic Plumbing and Heating, we’ve made it easy for our clients by posting our credentials right on our website. We also post current reviews that stream directly from our Facebook page and we’re always available to answer questions.

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