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Warm up to great savings this winter!

Did you know that CleanBC Better Homes, BC Hydro & FortisBC offer rebates for improving the energy efficiency of your home? The requirements are often as simple as having an account with BC Hydro or Fortis BC and using a qualified professional when you make certain upgrades.

Here are a few examples of the rebates that you may qualify for:

Fortis BC Rebates and Offers can save you up to $1,200 with a new Natural gas furnace or Natural gas water heater. BC Hydro Rebates can save you up to $11,000 when you replace your fossil fuel heating source to an electric heat pump. CleanBC Better Homes offers up to $6000 for heat pump installs that replace less efficient systems.

For more information, check out the links within this post. Once you have established which programs you qualify for and which one offers the best rebate for you, call a qualified specialist to begin your project and save money on your future heating costs.

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